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Dogs at Jack London State Historic Park

We love dogs! However the park is a wildlife sanctuary and your dog must be kept on leash at all times while in this park. Dogs are allowed in the Ranch area and on the trail to Wolf House Ruins BUT NOT ON any other TRAILS for the following reasons:

  • To protect the natural ecosystem, please only walk dogs in the designated historic zones of park
    Dogs are natural predators by nature and their presence or lingering scent will disturb and frighten wildlife. Dogs can also transmit diseases and parasites to nature animals.
  • For safety and enjoyment of other visitors, please keep your dog on leash and clean up any waste
    Some people are intimidated by dogs – even friendly ones. Dogs can also threaten and reduce the amount of wildlife that visitors can see while at the park. Dog waste left by accident on the grounds can contaminate the local water and, in general, present an eyesore to those coming to experience natural and pristine surroundings.
  • To prevent putting your dog at risk, do not let your dog run off leash 
    Dogs that run in wild areas can be bitten by rattlesnakes or other wildlife they happen to startle. Dogs frequently pick up ticks and are sometimes injured by toxic or thorny plants. If your dog comes into contact with poison oak, it can easily transfer the irritating oil to your skin. An unleashed dog can suffer painful or sometimes fatal falls.

Dogs are not allowed in the House of Happy Walls or any of the other culturally historic buildings. (Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome)
We trust that you will understand and appreciate the need to keep your dog on leash in approved areas of the park to help us ensure the park remains in pristine shape for future generations to enjoy. Thank you.



Due to fire danger, smoking is allowed only in the 2 paved parking lots. Please use the provided ash trays to extinguish all smoking materials and prevent wildfires.

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