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The park thrives with your help!   In May 2012 Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (DBA) Jack London Park Partners entered into an operating agreement with the State of California to manage Jack London State Historic Park and prevent its closure. Our goal was to “save the park,” but with community support, the park now thrives as an important resource for outdoor recreation, environmental education, wildlife protection and inspirational events.

Our collective efforts demonstrate the significant effect local community participation can have on making parks a relevant and valuable resource to the community. Our story is about turning a crisis into opportunity: creating a potential game changing 21st century partnership between State Parks and local communities.

Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (DBA) Jack London Park Partners is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID #94-2412859.  We receive no funds from the State of California to manage and operate Jack London State Historic Park so your financial support plays a crucial role in keeping the park open and thriving. Every donation goes directly to park improvements and operations to ensure that the park remains a treasured resource for all to enjoy. 

Another Way to Support Our Park - Creative Tax Planning

If you are 70-1/2 or older you must take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your Individual Retirement Accounts each year. These distributions are taxed as ordinary income and increase you Adjusted Gross Income. However, there is a way to avoid increasing your taxable income while satisfying your charitable wishes.

You can contribute part or all of your RMD directly to a qualified 501 ( c ) charity and the donation will not increase your you Adjusted Gross Income. This can be particularly helpful for taxpayers who do not want increase their taxable income or who do not itemize deductions. Please seek the advice of your accountant if you are interested in pursuing this.

For more information please contact Tjiska Van Wyk at tvanwyk@jacklondonpark.com or call 707 938-3689.

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