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2019 Young Writers Contest

Giving A Voice to Others

 Jack London was famous for his investigative reporting and keen observation of human behavior and circumstances, as well as his novels. These skills were also evident in his fictional writing, as many of his creative stories were based on real people and events that he observed first-hand. Through works like People of the Abyss, Star Rover, and his many tales from the Klondike, Jack London gave a voice to many who might otherwise have gone unheard. This year we dedicate the Young Writers Contest to Jack London, observer of humanity. 


 Your job is to seek out a compelling true story by interviewing someone in your family, school, or community. Then re-tell their tale in your own words by writing an engaging short story about it (can be fictional or biographical but must be narrative in style). 

TWO CATEGORIES: Elementary School (4th-5th) & Middle School (6th-8th)

Deadline for entries is February 28th.

See entry form for rules

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