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Photography: The Art of Seeing Composition

FULL! Have you ever taken a picture of an wow subject only to find that your image just doesn't live up to the magic of what you saw? Refresh your arsenal of photographic tools with a clear understanding of how good composition can help you create stronger images. All of your photographic subjects, portraits, landscapes, travel photography, or close-up, will improve with the thoughtful use of composition to transform your photography. Join us during this 1/2 day workshop and discover the art of seeing composition.

If you're wondering why your photographs don't capture what inspired you to press the shutter button, this class is for you.  Learn from professional photographers John Ricca and Richard Valenti who will guide you to reach your photographic vision!

We will start with a short outdoor presentation under the oaks before enjoying hands-on instruction from John and Richard, while being inspired by the magical light pervading Jack London State Historic Park. Plan on taking home some keepers!

Meet the Instructors

John Ricca is a San Francisco Bay Area fine art photographer and instructor. In addition to traditional landscapes, John “sees” compositions that emphasize shapes, textures, and patterns. He uses the camera to create images that are reminiscent of impressionist, pointillist, and abstract paintings. Visit his website: www.riccapics.com

Richard Valenti is a professional fine art photographer specializing in unique, expressive landscapes. Richard’s fine art prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of the natural world. Richard's goal is to craft an image that evokes a sense of presence to the viewer. Landscape and nature photography are his joy. Light is what allows him to create a mood, whether that mood is lyrical, playful, or mysterious. It is all about seeing the light. Visit his website: www.rjvalenti.com/

Class size is limited to 14 participants so register now.

Bring your DSLR, point and shoot or iPhone, camera manual, especially a tripod (if you have one), but most of all bring your enthusiasm to improve your camera skills. 

When: Saturday , July 29th from 8:30 to 11:30 am 
Where: Meet in the ranch parking lot (on the right as you enter the park), 2400 London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen (NOTE: The meeting location is subject to change. You will be notified of our final location by email)

Admission: $35 per person and includes the parking fee.

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