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Jack London's Silos

The Silos

There are two cement block silos, erected between 1912 and 1915, standing over 40 feet tall on a rise a short walk from the center of Beauty Ranch.  The silos were adjacent to a dairy operation and nearby the Pig Palace, a handy place to store silage (fodder) made by cutting up green forage plants. 

The curved concrete blocks were formed on site to Jack's specifications, the first concrete silos west of the Mississipi.  More silos were planned but never built, and now these two stand sentinel over a time gone by.

'Jack's ambition was to develop a model farm; one of the best all-round ranches in the state, combining a stock ranch, fruit, grain, vegetables, vineyard and the like.  He would have accomplished this plan had he lived, for his enthusiasm was unquenchable.  His intense energy simply rioted in work.  Success seemed only to stimulate him to greater and wider efforts.'  ~Eliza Shepard, 1917

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