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Jack London State Historic Park - Group Leaders Guide

The Beauty Ranch and the Wolf House tours are approximately 1-1/2 miles over hilly terrain. During the summer months, the park can get quite hot and it is advisable to carry water.

If the group includes any students or adults with physical limitations, the electric cart can transport up to 5 people and must be requested in advance.

Our docents are prepared to lead tours, rain or shine.  If you plan to cancel a private guided tour, please notify the park at 707-938-5216 as soon as possible.  

Arriving at the Park

Guided group tours to the Wolf House or the Beauty Ranch are led by docents. All tours also include a visit to the Museum. We schedule one docent for each group of 15 -20 students and adults. Occasionally, a shortage of docents may result in larger groups.

The teacher in charge of the group should be prepared to divide the students into smaller groups as directed by the docents. Unless otherwise arranged, docents will meet the group in the Museum parking lot (left turn upon entering the park).

The only restrooms with running water are located at the end of the Museum parking lot. Since the typical tour will last more than 90 minutes, visitors may want to use the restrooms before starting their guided tour.

Groups are welcome to enjoy lunch after their tour at picnic tables located throughout the park. The group picnic area on the knoll next to the Beauty Ranch parking lot is available if not reserved for another group. Other individual picnic tables are located within the Museum parking lot.

Upon arrival, the teacher in charge should meet with the docents and provide the following information:

- The amount of time available for the tour and return to the parking lot

- How much preparation the students have had before their visit and what the students have read.

- What specific information the teacher would like to have discussed during the tour.

Park Rules

Students should be advised in advance of important park rules:

- All plants and animals in the park are protected and may not be disturbed.

-  Students should walk behind the docent during the tour with an adult at the end to prevent any students being left behind or getting lost.

-  Students should walk during their tour in the park. Some sections of the trails can be slippery.

-  Students should stay on the trails. Getting into the grassy areas may expose the students to hidden rattlesnakes, poison oak, or ticks.

-  Please do not touch the artifacts, display cases, and other objects in the Museum and Cottage.


- Maintaining orderly student conduct is the responsibility of the adults accompanying the group. Student groups should have at least 1 adult for every 10 students. Students should be attentive to the docent and respect other park visitors. Please use lowered voices and walk while inside the Museum.


The park is generally very safe. However, visitors should be aware that there are three potential risks in the park:

- Rattlesnakes can be found throughout the park. When a snake is encountered, children become quite interested and tend to get too close. Any snake should be left undisturbed and be given a wide berth. Although snakes may be seen crossing or sunning on trails, they will generally be found in grassy areas, on rocks, or near rock walls. They should not be disturbed. If a snake is found in an area where students are having a picnic, notify a staff member to have the snake safely removed.

- Poison Oak can be prevalent near the trails. All parts of the plant, including dropped leaves, can cause a severe rash and should not be touched.

- Ticks can be found in grassy areas throughout the park.

Most safety issues can be avoided by encouraging visitors to remain on the trails.




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