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Jack London's Barns

Jack London's Barns

The buildings remaining on the property include the Sherry Barn, (originally built by Chinese laborers with the flat exterior walls typical of Chinese stonework) for the Kohler and Frohling winery in 1884. London converted it to a stable for his English Shire mares.

The Stallion Barn, commissioned by London and built by Italian laborers in the Italian style, housed six highly prized Shire stallions.  Note the similar roof style but differing stone work on the newer buildings.

The Manure Pit was an innovation designed by Jack in 1914 to collect and store manure for later distribution in the fields.

The Distillery building, originally constructed in 1888 as part of the old winery, was used by London's ranch hands to store and repair farm equipment. Today, the distillery holds an exhibit for horse-drawn farm equipment used in  London's time.  During Jack's time as a farmer, machine-driven farm equipment came into use but Jack preferred horse-drawn machinery. Jack London brought an entire blacksmith's shop from Glen Ellen to the Ranch to maintain the farm equipment.  Today, only a small section of wall that was once the blacksmith shop remains next to the distillery building.

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