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Annadel State Park is on the closure list and Regional Parks of Sonoma County is in negotiations to take over operations soon.  The final agreement may not be approved until some time after July 1 but it is generally believed the contract between California State Parks and Regional Parks will be approved.  The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be voting on whether to adopt the contract on June 12.  

One of the biggest issues facing any operator of Annadel is the difficulty in collecting use fees.  The park boundaries border many suburban residential areas and there is no means of collecting fees from those who walk, cycle or ride into this park.  'Friends of Annadel' is a new group formed to bring awareness to this and to generate support from park users.  

A small Visitor Center, funded by donations to Valley of the Moon Natural History Association, awaits interior exhibits and furnishings.  However, until the future of the park is determined the completion of the interior of this building is on hold.  

Working with the Parks Alliance of Sonoma County, VMNHA and numerous other non-profits and agencies are fully in support of the Regional Parks future operation of Annadel.  Bounded by county and city parks and used by more than 100,000 people each year, this park provides key recreational opportunities to all user groups and is ecologically vital to the watershed of the County.  

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To join Friends of Annadel click here.

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